Aecon’s Indigenous Strategy supports the inclusion, engagement and participation of Indigenous communities in our projects across Canada. By working cooperatively and collaboratively with Indigenous communities, Aecon strives to be a responsible business partner and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Aecon is dedicated to having sustainable and lasting effects on individuals, communities and future generations through mutually beneficial projects and partnerships. Aecon builds these relationships on a foundation of trust, respect, and understanding and in this way we work cooperatively and collaboratively with Indigenous communities across Canada.

Aecon will continue to expand our relationships with Indigenous employees, businesses, and communities through an inclusive approach:

  • Facilitating partnerships between Aecon and Indigenous organizations and businesses including joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Establishing employment, education, training and apprenticeship opportunities for Indigenous Peoples
  • Actively developing an awareness of Indigenous culture across Aecon
  • Understanding the potential impact of Aecon’s business operations on Indigenous communities

Aecon is dedicated to a comprehensive Canada-wide approach to Indigenous engagement and is formally committed to a number of defined principals which are outlined in our Indigenous Engagement Program.

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