The Pesâkâstêw Solar Project is a 10 MW solar farm in development in the Rural Municipality of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, approx. 4 km southwest of the city of Weyburn on land with low environmental sensitivity. The project is set to be constructed and in commission by 2020, supplying clean energy to the Saskatchewan electrical grid. 

This project will require approximately 85-100 acres (34-41 ha) of land and will connect directly to the SaskPower substation adjacent to the site. The project will be able to provide electricity to approximately 2,400 homes and, in doing so, will displace 18,860 tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually .

With the best solar resource in Canada, Saskatchewan is well-positioned for solar projects to make significant contributions to achieving the 50% renewable electricity by 2030 target set by the province. In particular, the Rural Municipality of Weyburn, being located in the south, has some of the highest solar potential in the province.

The project is being developed by Natural Forces on behalf of Pesâkâstêw Solar Limited Partnership who is proposing and own the PesâkâstêwSolar Project. 

The Pesâkâstêw Solar Limited Partnership is a partnership between George Gordon Developments Ltd., Red Dog Holdings Ltd. and Natural Forces. 

George Gordon Developments Ltd. (GGDL) is the economic development branch of George Gordon First Nation. By establishing important business partnerships, GGDL has become a regional First Nation leader in business development. Through these partnerships, GGDL has assembled the capacity and capability to successfully enter high quality bids on major projects related to resource development with renowned North American companies.

Red Dog Holdings Ltd. (RDHL) is the economic development branch of Star Blanket Cree Nation. One of the main goals of RDHL is to develop long term partnerships with companies that have shared values and objectives. RDHL also strives to provide opportunities for sustainable employment, training, wealth creation, and community development.

Natural Forces is a private independent power producer that delivers renewable energy projects in partnership with local communities across Canada. We develop, construct, own, and operate wind, solar, and hydro projects with First Nation communities, universities, municipalities, and local community funds. 

The Overall Process

There are three main phases to advance a solar project from a mere idea to actually producing energy, which are Development, Construction, and Operation. Thereafter, Decommissioning is the fourth phase that returns the site to its condition before the project was constructed. Each phase involves many steps and milestones to achieve in order to follow through prior to starting the subsequent phase of the project. 

Environmental Studies

According to the Saskatchewan Environmental Assessment Act, 2018, a solar project of this size will require to submit a Technical Proposal to the province. This Proposal, which is submitted to the Saskatchewan Environmental Assessment and Stewardship Branch, will require comprehensive studies which are being conducted on site, including:

  • Solar resource assessment
  • Noise and visual assessments
  • Heritage resource studies
  • Vegetation and habitat surveys
  • Migratory and breeding bird studies
  • Wetland and watercourse surveys
  • Various wildlife studies​


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