About Shermco

Shermco is a safe provider of comprehensive technical services for electrical power systems and equipment. As the largest independent provider of electrical testing, maintenance, repair, commissioning, engineering and training services in North America, Shermco serves all industry sectors from our 38 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. From federal energy compliance and substations testing to power system studies and substation design and commissioning, we are fully prepared to safely address any critical power needs. If it’s in the electrical system, Shermco does it.

Since 1974, Shermco has been the industry leader in keeping electrical power systems functioning properly and safely. With more than 700 skilled engineers and technicians, we can meet any need for reliable electrical power solutions. Our attitude, service quality and wide range of capabilities are unmatched in the marketplace.

Shermco provides power system service solutions to a broad range of market segments. Our clients count on us to keep the power running by delivering safe and reliable critical power service solutions. Our unique combination of technical expertise, top talent, and strong management positions us for sustainable growth and a bright future for market expansion. Companies in the markets we serve, including utilities, oil and gas, chemicals, industrial manufacturing, and others can’t afford to be offline, that’s why they trust Shermco. We understand the marketplace issues and challenges affecting these sectors and work with companies to help them continue to serve their customers with high-quality power system solutions.

Glen Pratt

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